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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Steamed Soy Sauce Chicken & Mushroom Rice 蒸酱油香菇鸡饭

I don't know how to name this dish.... 

Claypot Chicken Rice? but I didn't use claypot. 
Chicken Rice? It doesn't look like chicken rice.
Braised rice? No, I steamed it.
Fried Rice? No, I didn't fried the rice.

Sigh... It's dark and I added soy sauce, so just named it Steamed Soy Sauce Chicken & Mushroom Rice. More precise right?

I adapted this recipe from my mom 焖鸡饭. I don't really know how she cooked this, but from the taste that I ate for so many years, I think I roughly know what she added in it. My version here is not my mom's original recipe but imitated. Pretty closed...Hahaha... got to go back and ask her next week. I'll update here if I have an improved version.

When mom want to cook chicken rice, she would give us 2 options... Hainanese or 'Dark' one? I like both!! Really...She normally use a big claypot or rice cooker to cook this. Her claypot version tastes SUPERB! And, her version is more yummy than mine because she use kampong chicken (with bones), my version is boneless kampong chicken. With bones, taste much better!




Chicken (Cut into chunks)

Dried Shiitake Mushroom 
(Wash and soak in warm water. When it's softened, Squeeze to dry, sliced. Reserved the water)

Dried Scallops (Wash and soak in water.)

Ginger (Sliced)

Soy Sauce
Dark Soy Sauce
Oyster Sauce
Sesame Oil
Shao Xing Cooking Wine
Corn Flour

Salt to taste (optional)

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1. Add all seasoning, chicken chunks and mushroom in a bowl. Mix well and let marinate for at least 30 minutes. Longer time, tastier. So it's good to season this ahead of time.

2. Wash the rice, add half of the water required for steamed rice. (for example, if 1 cup of rice need 1.5 cup of water, just use 0.75 cup of water, got it?) . Steam the rice in a steamer.

3. Mean while, heat oil in a skillet. Add ginger and scallops, fry until fragrant.

4. Add in chicken and mushrooms. Stir fry until half cooked. Add salt to taste, if needed.

5. Add the mushroom water (the water used to soak mushroom) to make up the other half of the water required for steamed rice. (I normally don't measure the amount, just roughly add in). Bring to boil, remove from heat. **Do not add in too much water otherwise the rice would turn out too soggy** 

6. By the time the chicken is ready, the rice is cooked about 8 minutes. Top the chicken on the rice and continue to steam for 25-30 minutes. 

It will turn out like this and super fragrant! Spoon out to another serving bowl and serve warm.

See the little hand, can't wait any longer to eat his lunch! 

I served the rice with blanch broccoli and steamed paw shape egg for my boy. 

My boy likes this...says it's very very yummy...
You know what's in my mind? **Don't ever let him try the claypot version!!!** Lol...

If you want to know how to make the PAW shape steamed egg, click here

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