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Friday, 8 August 2014

Pumpkin Frog Bun

Happy little frog with big googly eyes
Before baking, the frog was looking forward to go into the oven

Came out from the oven....Obviously this little frog didn't like the oven.....
This morning, as usual...I asked my boy what he wants to eat for breakfast. He thought very hard and he told me he wants to eat frog. FROG??!! I said.... He giggled...and I knew he purposely said something that he thought I would never able to make for him. This was not the first time.... There was once he told me he wants to eat crocodile meat in the restaurant. And, that restaurant do serve very nice stir-fry crocodile meat. I ordered for him and he ate it....He should learnt that his mom sometimes can make impossible things become possible!

Actually this frog bun was unplanned. I made pumpkin loaf and got some left over dough because my baking tin wasn't big enough to fit the dough. I was kneading this extra dough for sometimes, thought really hard whether to make snail, creamy horn or pork floss roll. And my boy went to the kitchen. Then I asked him what he wants me to make? Again, he said: FROG. Alright, so I made this frog without any reference. 

After I shaped the dough, put on the eyes...I let him brush the egg wash and 'decorate' with pumpkin seeds. It was a fun thing for him. After he decorated his frog, I put the frog into the oven. He sit in front of the oven and watched the frog baked through. The funniest part was....the frog's eyes drop while the body expanding.... So I quickly rescued his frog's eyes with chopsticks, just gently push it back and continued to bake....He was excited and enjoyed looking at nervous mom open and close the oven to stick back the eyes. Well, although the frogs didn't turned out perfect, but he was happy with it, like it a lot lot lot! That's his breakfast tomorrow, he said. He thanked me for making the frog for him. I am happy as I again, made his 'wish' came true.... :)

Refer Healthy Pumpkin Loaf for full recipe.

*Bake frog bun in preheated oven 180'C for 15 minutes.

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