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Singapore home cooking/ baking/ food & recipe blog features more than 500 tried & tested, quick & easy kid friendly recipes with steps by steps tutorial.

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A Little Something About This Blog & The Author - Miki Mak

Welcome to one of the most popular home cooking and baking recipe blog in Singapore! 

Blog Intro:

Miki's Food Archives blog features a wide range of tried, tested, tasted and approved recipes by Miki Mak. This blog has been awarded TOP 50 Singapore Food Blog, TOP 74 Food Blogger and TOP 100 Home Cooking Blog on the web. There are more than 600 tried and tested recipes and lots of healthy and creative food for children, cute bento and kid-friendly lunchboxes created by Miki. 

From The Author:

Growing up watching my mother preparing food, cooking has always been a family affair. I would make sure my family, especially my kid eats well and happily everyday by experimenting what food my kid would actually eat. Besides making it tasty, it has to be high in nutritional values. I hope these recipes do inspire you to step into your kitchen and venture your culinary journey.

~ I do product reviews, advertorials, accept sponsorships and invites. If you're a company looking for possible collaboration, feel free to send me a message via Miki's Food Archives Facebook Fan Page or email to ~

Here are some of our collaboration partners/ clients/ brands which have worked with:

  • Ayam Brand Singapore
  • Bake With Yen Singapore 
  • Blue Jacket Flour 
  • Casa Rinaldi
  • Choimart Singapore
  • Dancing Chef
  • Deliveroo Singapore
  • Emporium Shokuhin
  • Far Ocean
  • Gingen 
  • Huiji
  • Hakubaku 
  • Honestbee
  • Kemono Chicken
  • Kidzania Singapore
  • K.Cook
  • Learning Artz Culinary School
  • Marmite Singapore
  • Medella Singapore
  • Natureally
  • NOMU Singapore
  • Photobook Worldwide
  • Pure South
  • San Remo
  • Song Cho Singapore 
  • Tankfully Fresh
  • Tefal Singapore
  • Thermos Singapore
  • The Kitchen Society
  • Tramontina 
  • Yeo's Singapore
  • YourMama Singapore
  • WMF Singapore

Here are some of my culinary achievements and media/ event highlights:

 In year 2016:

< Recipe featured in Savour Magazine, Jan-Feb 2016 issue >

< Joined-effort Tasted & Approved Cookbook >
Published by Marshall Cavendish International
October 2016

< Recipe Contribution In Bake & Celebrate Cookbook >
Published by Marshall Cavendish International
December 2016

< Swiss Roll Baking Demonstration For SHC Private Event at TOTT Singapore >
June 2016

< Winner Of The Favourite Tefal Rice Cooker Recipe Creator >
Organised By Tefal Singapore & SHC
December 2016

In 2017:

< Awarded Top 50 Singapore Food Blog (rank 9) >

By Feedspot
May 26, 2017

<Awarded Top 74 Food Blogger >

By Yum Of China
26 July 2017

In 2018:

<Awarded Top 100 Home Cooking Blog On The Web >

By Feedspot
12 January 2018

< As Special Guest Appearance at Family Cook-Off Event >
Organised by Kidzania
March 2018

< Featured on Mediacorp Channel 8 Morning Express 
晨光第一线 12月26日《今天吃什么》
sharing my story and inspirations in cooking and bento making. 

Watch episode here.

In 2019:

< Featured on Mediacorp Children TV Programme 
"Mark Your Calendar 历历在目"
Winter Solstice episode 12. Click here to watch on Toggle.


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