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Monday, 11 August 2014

Hidden Treasure Steamed Tofu (with vegetables & chicken breast)

Today I wasn't in the mood to cook anything.... We had MCD for breakfast, a quick stir fry vegetables with rice for lunch and I planned to cook fried rice for dinner. Last minute changed my mind as I really don't feel like cooking...So I used the chicken breast that I marinated in the morning, minced it, mixed with whatever other ingredients I could find in the fridge and made this Hidden Treasure Steamed Tofu. 

I named it 'Hidden Treasure' because I hid the vegetables in the bean curd mixture, those were the vegetables that the little boy refused to eat. Carrot and asparagus... finely chopped and mixed all together....It's yummylicious and nutritious! I steamed 6 and he ate 4, means ..... he likes it a lot lot lot... 

Next, I'll try this recipe with other 'treasure' that my picky eater didn't like! :)


1 tube Egg Tofu

5 Asparagus (Finely chopped)

3 Large Prawn (Minced)

1/4 Marinated Chicken Breast 
(Season with cooking wine, soy sauce and corn starch, minced)

Some chopped carrots

Seasoning: Add to taste

Sesame Oil

Soy Sauce 

White Pepper



Some wolfberry for garnishing

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1. Mix all the ingredients and seasoning together. Mashed the tofu.

2. Oil the steaming tray with sesame oil.

3. Use a spoon, scoop the tofu mixture onto the tray. Topped with some wolfberry. (This is optional, I just like my food to looks good!)

4. Steam in a hot steamer for 10 minutes.

5. Remove the tofu from the tray. Transfer the tofu on a plate and serve warm with steamed rice. 

Optional: If you like it to looks nicer, use the broth from the steamed tofu, mix with some oyster sauce, sugar, starch and water... cook the gravy and pour over the tofu. 

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