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Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Perfect Sponge Cake Recipe 海绵蛋糕

Photo taken on 28 October 2015
Vanilla Sponge Cake & Charcoal Sponge Cake  

This is the Perfect Sponge Cake recipe that I simply love.  Even my hubby who didn't like cakes, says this cake taste really good! It can be used to make different flavours sponge cake. I have tried vanilla, charcoal and bandung. All turned out superb! 

I made it into a checkerboard cake for my hubby's birthday.
Click here for step by step picture tutorial of how to make simple checkerboard cake.

Created on 28 October 2015

Created on 10 March 2016
Simple Swampy Cake with fresh cream frosting.
Swampy is one of the gators from 'Where's my water?' game.

Click here to visit Swampy cake picture gallery.

The Bandung Sponge Cake that I have made to surprise my son ;)

Created on 10 March 2016

Created on March 22, 2016

Using this Prefect Sponge Cake recipe made 2 pandan flavour sponge cake.
This is the plain one without decoration. 

This sponge cake need not store in the fridge, it can be kept at room temperature.
That's how I packed it in my boy's snack box for him to eat during his 12pm snack.
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Created on March 22, 2016
Trying out new combination - Pandan Sponge Cake with blueberry toppings. 

Click here to view the full recipe

Created on March 22, 2016

Pandan Blueberry Cake. My son and I love this combi! Simply delicious! 

Click here to view the full recipe

Greg Heffley, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Birthday Cake
Created in July 2019.

Dark chocolate and blackcurrant duo-flavour sponge cake made for my boy's 10yo birthday.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid theme birthday cake.
Photo updated: July 2019

Ingredients: (Yield 2 x 6" round cake) - Basic Vanilla Sponge Cake

~ Egg Yolk Batter ~

6 Egg Yolk

30g Sugar

100g Water

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

80g Cooking Oil

160g Hong Kong Flour

~ Egg White ~

6 Egg White

110g Sugar

1/2 tsp Lemon Juice/ Cream Of Tartar

If you are sharing this recipe, kindly attach the link to this blog instead of screen capture/ copy & paste/ use in your blog and claimed as your recipe! Thank you.



1. In a mixing bowl, use a hand whisk, lightly whisk egg yolk and sugar.

2. Stir in oil, follow by water and vanilla. Stir to combine. Sift in flour, stir until well combine. Set aside.

3. In a stand mixer, whisk egg white and lemon juice/ cream of tartar until frothy, gradually add in sugar and continue to whisk until 'almost' stiff. Lift up the whisk, you'll see a nice curve at the tip.

4. Fold the egg white into egg yolk batter in 3 batches.

5. Pour the batter in 2 x 6" round cake tin. No need to line or grease the cake tin. Gently tap the cake tin on the table top to release any trapped air bubbles.

6. Bake in a preheated oven 140'C for 25 minutes (traditional mode, 2nd bottom rack), then increase the temperature to 160'C (baking mode/ with fan, 35 minutes or until cooked)

7. When it's ready, remove from oven and invert immediately, let it cool and un-mould with spatula or hands. If you like my recipe, click hereLIKE & FOLLOW my facebook page to receive more recipe updates. Don't forget to change the setting to 'SEE FIRST' if you wish to see my post on your Facebook news feed. Enjoy!

Recipe adapted from Nasi Lemak lover. Thank you Sonia for sharing this awesome recipe. Love it! ;) 

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