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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Lotus Root & Lotus Seeds Pork Ribs Soup 双莲桂圆排骨汤-滋补,养心安神,益血益气

Nourishing and nutritious soup - Lotus Root & Lotus Seeds Pork Ribs Soup. Reduce body heat, strengthen the lungs.

Ingredients: (yield 2-3 servings)

350g Soup Bones 排骨/汤骨 350克


350g Lotus Root (peeled and cut into chunks) 莲藕 350克(去皮,洗净,切块)

100g Fresh Lotus Seeds 鲜莲子 100克

5 Seedless Red Dates 去籽红枣 5粒

2 Litre Hot Water 滚水 2公升


Handful of Dried Longan 桂圆 适量

Handful of Wolfberries (optional) 枸杞 适量

This was without wolfberries.

Some Sea Salt to taste 少许盐调味

Fresh Lotus Seeds 鲜莲子

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1. Rinse pork ribs/ bones with hot water. Discard the water. Transfer the ribs/ bones in a pot.

2. Add in (A). Cook with high heat for 30 minutes. Reset to low heat and cook another 75 minutes.

3. Add (B). Cook another 10-15 minutes. Serve warm. 
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