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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sushi Rice (seasoned without vinegar)

Last minute meal again, everything unplanned, sushi was my only option because I was not in the mood to clean up my kitchen. Just 2 saucepan, no frying, no oily stuff. 

The basic sushi rice seasoning are rice vinegar, salt and sugar, but.... I do not have vinegar at home because no one likes it. So I used fresh lemon juice to substitute vinegar, with a little salt and sugar. It tastes really good.... I think I would never buy rice vinegar for my home-made sushi. The taste of lemon is much better!

Cooked Sushi Rice (Plain) 
About 1/4 tsp Fresh Lemon Juice (more or less depends on individual preference)
1/2 tsp Sugar
Pinch of Salt

1. Mix all the ingredients together. 
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