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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Ribena Ice Cream

We like everything with Ribena.... Ribena SmoothieRibena Marshmallow CakeRibena Cheesecake or even mix it with parfait . This time, I mixed it with whipping cream and made the Ribena Ice Cream....Yes, it's good! My boy and I finished all in a day... 

I'll stop making ice cream with cream for a while as this is not really a very healthy food...I'll go with what I used to make...made with frozen fruits only... :) 


Important Notes:

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150ml Whipping Cream
5 tbsp Ribena Blackcurrant & Apple Cordial

1. Whip up the cream until soft peak form. Do not over-whip the cream.
2. Fold together the whipped cream and Ribena cordial. 
3. Cover and freeze overnight. To serve, remove from freezer and let it soften for 3-5 minutes before scoop out the ice cream.

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