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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Pear with Chinese Almond Soup 南北杏雪梨水

When I cook this, that means someone in my house is coughing... Chinese believed there are 3 types of cough: cold cough, heat cough and dry cough. Hmm..... I do not know exactly how to diagnose the type of cough....but, based on my past experience taking cake of my boy, I have some conclusions:

1. When he cough with green/yellowish thick phlegm - my diagnosis is Heat Cough
2. When he cough at night only: my diagnosis is Cold Cough
3. When he only cough in the morning without phlegm - my diagnosis is Dry Cough

Very important note: Don't use the above as your guideline, the above diagnosis have no scientific proof, those were based on my past experience taking care of my son. It may only works for my son.

My best remedy for heat cough and dry cough is PEAR. I like to use home remedy for cough because everyone knows, cough medicine is not good for kids. 

Pear with chinese almond....I used to cook this with honey dates which is very effective for heat cough but my boy didn't like it. Today I cooked it with figs which I like more, but my boy didn't like it either... hahaha....he never like any double boiled dessert or drinks :)

Click here for the most effective heat cough remedy cooked with honey dates.


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3 Pears
Handful of Chinese Almond
3 Figs
Some rock sugar to taste
Hot Water (enough to cover all the ingredients)

1. Place everything (except rock sugar) in a slow cooker/ double boiler. Cook at least 4 hours. 

2. Add rock sugar to taste. Cook another 30 minutes.
3. Serve warm or chilled.

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