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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Pan-fry Curry Fish Fillet - the easiest method to get rid of fishy smell!

Pan Fried Curry Grouper Fillet, thawed from frozen. Using this method to get rid of the fishy smells.
Photo Updated 2014

This is the way I cook fish thawed from frozen. Grouper, cod or snapper fillet.... No fancy ingredients to marinate the fillet.....No ginger, no wine...nothing...just 2 seasoning, no more fishy smell in the fish. :)


Grouper fillet or any fish fillet

Important Notes:

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Garlic Salt

Curry Powder

Cooking Oil 


1. Wash and dry the fillet with kitchen towel.

2. Rub some garlic salt and oil all over the fillet. 

3. Heat oil in the skillet, place the fillet 'skin down' and cook about 2-3 minutes until the skin is crispy. 

4. Sprinkle some curry powder. Flip the fillet and continue to cook until the fillet is cook through. Serve immediately with steamed rice.

Note: If you have time to marinate the fillet, rub curry powder together with garlic salt, let it sit in the fridge. When it's ready to cook, heat oil in a skillet and pan fry. 

Pan Fried Curry Salmon
Photo updated April 2015 

Pan Fried Curry Grouper, using fresh fillet.  I packed this for my son to eat during school recess.

 time, I used Medella Premium Organic Coconut Cooking Oil to pan fry the fillet. Click HERE to join the FREE 1.9 Litre Medella Organic Coconut Cooking Oil giveaway contest! 
Photo Updated 10 March 2016

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