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Friday, 3 October 2014

Easy Steamed Eggy Cupcakes 蒸鸡蛋糕(简易版)

Photo taken on 4 October 2012

Steamed Eggy Cakes made by my 5 year old. I added some melted chocolate with part of the batter. Just let him play with the color :) The recipe below is the plain eggy cake recipe.  
Photo updated October 2014.

I got this recipe 3 years ago (year 2011) and I'm still keeping it. This is a MUST KEEP recipe because it's too easy to make. No beating/ creaming, just mix and steam. 

The little chef on the job :)
Ingredients: (Made 4 small cupcakes)

1 Egg (Lightly beaten) 鸡蛋 1粒,打散

2 tbsp Sugar 细砂糖 2汤匙

1 tbsp Oil 油 1汤匙

1 1/2 tbsp Condensed Milk 炼奶 1 1/2汤匙

1 tbsp Fresh Milk 牛奶 1汤匙


1/3 cup All Purpose Flour 面粉 1/3杯

1 tsp Baking Powder 发粉 1小匙

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Method: 步骤

1. In a bowl, mix (A) until well combined.

2. Sift in (B) and mix until well combined. 

3. Pour batter into 4 lined cupcakes tray.

4. Steam in a hot steamer for 10 minutes. 

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Some feedback from those who have tried this recipe:

By Vanessa Khoo

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