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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Little Penguin Onigiri

I posted this picture on facebook and asked: Guess who's waiting for dinner? ...hahaha the answer is: my little boy, not little penguins :)

I got this leaflet from Cold Storage recipe board. Cute right? I was looking at the Japanese Croquette recipe, not the onigiri but when my boy saw this, he said he wants to eat the 'penguin' for dinner. His request was last week but I have no intention to make this for him because I'm not good in handling small stuffs and especially seaweed! However after a week, today I made it. Not planned, just a last minute decision because I ran out of idea of what to cook for dinner again! 
Yeah...last minute meal. No penguin moulds, no special tools. Just pair of scissors and tweezer. I spent about 30 minutes to shape and 'dress up' the origini.
I was making the onigiri with my boy standing next to me munching the seaweed. There was no time for me to slowly take picture of the making of penguin onigiri. This was the only in-progress picture. 

This was our dinner plate tonight (of course there were some more Japanese curry for refill). I made my last minute decision to make penguin onigiri because tonight's dinner was NO cooking required. All steamed. 

I made 7 little penguins onigiri tonight. That was about 2 bowls of rice. My boy likes it so much and he wanted to eat all, but i stopped him of course, only let him ate about 4. That was quite a lot for a 5 year old boy....Scary right?! 

They are FAT! hahaha...but cute! I may or may not make it again. Or to be precise, I will only make it again upon my boy special request. :)

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