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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Copycat Egg & Ham Toast

I saw this on facebook. So I took a quick snapshot and kept for future reference. **This is NOT my photo and NOT my idea** 

When I was back from my cruise vacation, I brought back the leftover bread that I bought for my boy for fish feeding. The bread was still fresh, so I decided to try this method.

Very easy, just follow step by step showed on the diagram.

The cooking time is long. I used very low heat to cook the egg to avoid burn. My piece of ham was oversized, so I just tore the edges off. Not neatly done, I know. :)

I used Cheddar Cheese.

This supposed to be the last step. But I flipped over.
Ahh...This, I personally don't like! 

Like the ordinary toast with cheese, ham and egg.

It's quite impossible to cook through the egg yolk with this method. I do not recommend this for kiddie food.

Well, the taste is quite standard with cheese, ham and egg. To me, this is just an ordinary ham, cheese and egg toast with longer preparation time. :) 

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