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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Pikachu Minced Pork Rice Bowl 皮卡丘肉碎盖饭

Pokemon Theme Food Art - Pikachu Minced Pork Rice Bowl 皮卡丘肉碎盖饭. Nothing beat a bowl of warm steamed rice topped with grandma's recipe stir fry minced pork, plus a cute Pikachu fried egg. That's how I turned comfort food into something more interesting, both visually and taste. 

Pikachu Minced Meat Rice Bowl.

Add a twist to the usual home cooked food makes meal time more fun for the little one to eat. This time, I used egg sheet to make the character. Taste wise, it's a perfect match to the entire bowl of minced meat rice. 

Here are some quick notes of how I made this cute and delicious Pikachu rice bowl: 

1. Make the egg sheet.

2. Use a Pikachu (head) cutter, cut out the shape. Do this 2 times. The Pikachu cutter is available for sale, you can order via my online store or click here, send me a PM to place order.

That's the same cutter I used to make cookies.

 Place o
rder via my online store or click here, send me a PM to place order.

3. Use a pair of scissors, cut out Pikachu lightning tail and 2 arms.

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4. Stir fry minced meat - My boy named this Popo's (grandma's) recipe minced meat. A super delicious homey dish that goes really well with rice, recipe credit to my mom. << Click here for full recipe >>

Po Po's Recipe Minced Meat (My Mom's Recipe) 家乡风味 香炒肉碎

<< Click here for full recipe >>

5. Assemble - Place cooked rice in the bowl, I added mashed pumpkin in the rice. Layer with minced meat. Topped with blanched Kai Lan aka Chinese Kale and Pikachu egg sheet. Add facial details using seaweed. 

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