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Sunday, 28 February 2016

BBQ Pork Filling (aka Char Siew Filling) 万用叉烧馅做法

This is a very straight forward and easy recipe to make char siew filling at home. This filling can be used for baked bun, steamed bun or even pie and pastry. 


150g Char Siew (homemade or store bought, chopped) 叉烧150克,切小

Click HERE for homemade char siew recipe.

50g Shallot (finely chopped) 小葱头50克,切碎

2 tbsp Peas 青豆2汤匙 (Optional, for baked bun filling)

Some chopped Coriander 芫西碎, 少许 (Optional, for steamed bun filling)

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Seasoning: Char Siew bought from different stores taste different, the seasoning here is for reference only, do adjust accordingly and add to taste  不同地方买的叉烧味道都不一样,调味料须自行调整

2 tsp Oyster Sauce 蚝油 2小匙

1-2 tsp Sugar 糖 1- 2 小匙

1 tsp Dark Soy Sauce 黑酱油 1 小匙

Sesame Oil 麻油,少许

White Pepper 胡椒粉,少许

Some Water 水,少许

Some oil for cooking Oil 油

2 tsp Water 水 2 小匙

1 tsp Corn Flour 玉米粉 /粟米粉 1 小匙


1. Heat oil in a skillet, add in shallot and cook until fragrant. Add in char siew and peas, stir fry for few minutes.


2. Add in all seasoning and some water, let it simmer for 1-2 minutes. 


3. In a bowl, mix together corn flour and water. Gradually add in (keep stirring) to the char siew filling. When the sauce is thickened, add coriander (if using) , remove from heat, let it cool completely before making the bun/pie/pastry.

把玉米粉和水拌均,慢慢加入,需不断搅拌。收汁, 加入芫西即可!这个叉烧馅可用来做叉烧包,叉烧餐包,叉烧酥等等。若喜欢我的食谱,可以LIKE和追随我的面书专页,不要错过最新食谱发布。

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Make sure the gravy is thick and not watery.

Baked Char Siew Piggy Bun for my son. Click here for recipe.

Baked Char Siew bun 叉烧餐包 , click here for recipe

Another batch done without peas but added coriander. This filling is perfect for steamed bun. 

Steamed Char Siew Bun using the same char siew filling recipe.

Click here >> Steamed BBQ Pork Bun recipe

Use the same filling in Onigirazu.  另类叉烧饭 :)

Photo updated 23 July 2016

Stove top BBQ Pork Pastry/ Char Siew Sou 平底锅叉烧酥
photo updated: 13 August 2018
Cute Piggy Char Siu Pau
Photo updated: May 2019

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