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Monday, 29 December 2014

Soft Chocolate Bun with Nutella 松软巧克力Nutella馅面包

Rudolph & Bears 


'Rudolph the red nose reindeer, drop his nose in my oven...' lol.... Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 

Another super soft bread that I baked on Christmas night after my boy went to bed. Just like the Yoghurt Bread that I made previously, these bread are very soft and it never turn hard even on the third day. However, I don't really like the texture because it's a little 'sticky' when I munch on it, just like those store bought bread that I don't like. But the good thing is....I don't need to warm the bread in the morning for breakfast! lol...

In this blog, I'll only share the chocolate bread recipe but not the custard topping because my 'custard experiment' failed this time. 

Before bake.

After baked. 
220g Bread Flour
40g Cake Flour
10g Cocoa Powder
About 1 tsp Instant Yeast
70g Castor Sugar
Pinch of Salt

180ml Fresh Milk
30g Unsalted Butter


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1. In a mixer bowl, mix (A) ingredients. Make a well, add in (B) except butter. 

2. Mix all ingredients. When all ingredients come together, knead in butter. Continue kneading until the dough passes the membrane test.
3. Cover with cling wrap and let it proof doubled in size. About an hour.

4. Deflate and divide dough to make 9 balls. Let it rest for 15 minutes. Add Nutella fillings. Shape as desired. Sprinkle some water and let it proof about 1 hour. 

5. Bake in a preheated oven 170'C for 15 minutes. If you like my recipe, click hereLIKE & follow my facebook page to receive more recipe updates. Don't forget to change the setting to 'SEE FIRST' if you wish to see my post on your Facebook news feed. Enjoy!

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