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Friday, 15 January 2016

Homemade Luncheon Meat 自制午餐肉

Homemade Luncheon Meat, a dish that took me more than a year to get it right. Right as in....that's what I think it's delicious! 

In this blog, I will not explain why I want homemade luncheon meat as I believed most of my readers here prefers homemade healthy food just like I do. So let's move on....

There are many homemade luncheon meat recipes over the net. I have tried out many of them (for example: the famous 肥丁工作坊午餐肉 which is similar to Guaishushu's recipe, and some other recipes shared in facebook) but it does not suit my taste bud. Well again, I guess up to date, none of us can get the 100% same taste like canned luncheon meat unless you add the food additives, monosodium glutamate, sodium nitrate, pentasodium, sodium-etc etc. 

Alright, I guess everyone are anxious to know how's the texture and taste of this luncheon meat, right?

The texture is pretty much closed to the canned luncheon meat, about 90%. The key is to use fat minced meat. Today I used 五花肉, in english some called it shoulder butt/ pork collar. The meat that I used today was just nice for the steamed version, but not enough 'fat' if you wish to pan fry the luncheon meat. For pan fry luncheon meat, use minced meat with more fat content, probably need to use minced pork belly to get that moisture. When you start making luncheon meat with fresh meat, I bet you won't buy canned meat anymore. The fat content in the canned luncheon meat is far too much than you and me can imagine! 

Now, come to the taste. Most of the homemade luncheon meat recipes uses similar ingredients like five spice powder, white pepper, soy sauce, sugar, salt etc. I tried many combinations, plus and minus here and there, some were not edible that were threw away :( until I used the last ingredient that at first, I tried to omit - chicken powder. So don't ask me, 'Miki, can I omit the chicken powder?' The answer is NO if you want a tasty luncheon meat :)

June 2016, this was my first attempt making round shape luncheon meat that hubby thought it was store-bought canned luncheon meat :D 

Updated with more pictures to show the steps in details, August 2019: 

Nowadays I don't grind the red yeast rice, I used store-bought red yeast rice powder which is more fine and the colour turned out nicer.

Homemade luncheon meat rice bowl for my boy, served with tomato fried egg and stir-fry veggies.
Pan-fried luncheon meat to crisp the surface, more aromatic and yummy!
Photo updated: August 2019

After steamed, un-mould the luncheon meat.

Slice/ cut into your desired shape.

Pan-fry until crisp.


250g Minced Meat - Preferably with fat, get the butcher to grind the meat at least 3 times or buy the ready-packed Australia fresh minced meat from cold storage/ Giant. 
肉碎 250克,用五花肉搅至少3次

Seasoning: 调味

1 tbsp Tapioca/ Potato Flour 木薯粉/薯粉 1 汤匙

1/2 tbsp Soy Sauce 酱油 半汤匙

1/4 tsp Salt 盐 1/4 小匙

1 tsp Chicken Powder 鸡精粉 1 小匙

1/2 tbsp Garlic (Mashed) 蒜泥 半汤匙

1 Egg White (Use small kampong chicken egg white or 1/2 of normal egg white) 蛋白半粒

1 tbsp Water 水 1 汤匙

1/2 tbsp Oil 油 半汤匙

1/2 tbsp Sugar 糖 半汤匙

A dash of Five Spice Powder (do not add a lot or else it would affect the taste) 五香粉少许

A few dash of White Pepper 胡椒粉 少许

1 tsp Ground Red Yeast Rice (Optional) 红菊米 1 小匙(粉状)

Homemade Luncheon Meat - Picture 1 图一

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1. In a bowl, mix together all seasoning.

2. Add in minced meat. Stir the mixture with a pair of chopsticks in one direction (circular movement, clock wise/ anti clock wise) until the mixture become sticky and gluey. 

3. Prepare the non stick baking tin or grease the bowl/ any container, transfer 2 tbsp (at a time) of minced meat to the prepared tin/ bowl/ container, use a spoon to gently press it downwards to avoid trapped air.   

4. Use aluminium foil to cover the top. Gently press to fit. Steam for 15-20 minutes. 
For rectangle tin, refer Picture 1 for steps. 也可参考图一的步骤。

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