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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Strawberry Pancakes 简易草莓松饼

The first time I made this was about a year ago at my mom's house. Cooking this for my son and nephew for afternoon snack. Strawberry pancakes made using strawberry milk. 

Guess who's brilliant idea was that? Well, actually we never thought of that at first. We were all back to my mom's house for holiday and my sister wanted to learn how to make pancakes from scratch. She asked me for a live demo but there's no milk at my mom's place. So happened that my boy brought his favourite Meiji strawberry milk over and I thought of substitute the plain milk with strawberry milk. :D Hmm...this is something new to us (my sis and me) but both kids loves it so much and from that day onwards, whenever I have strawberry milk at home, I'd make strawberry flavoured pancakes for my boy. ;)

Here's the list of ingredients used:

I served this with freeze-dried strawberries. It's sweet, so I omit sugar in the pancakes batter ;)

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1 cup Meiji Strawberry Milk

1 Egg 

1 cup All Purpose Flour

Pinch of Salt

Click here for method in details. 

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