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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Crispy Curry Flavoured Chicken Nuggets 香脆咖喱鸡块

We went to Perth for family vacation few weeks back. During our trip there, most of the food we had were deep fried or grilled. This was the chicken breast nuggets that I ordered for my son that I personally like it.

Making nuggets from scratch is nothing new to me. I have years of experience making delicious nuggets lol... but this version that we had in Perth, inspired me to modify my old recipe to achieve a better and yummier nuggets. It's the coating that I did the copycat, but I don't deep fry, this time I pan fried the nuggets. Added some spices to add the flavours to the chicken breast. This is the taste that you won't get in any western restaurant ;) Son gave me 2 thumbs up, he likes it so much! :)

For plain chicken nuggets recipe, click here.


Cooking method: Pan-fry, Air-fry, Bake, Deep fry with oil.

Boneless Chicken Breast/ Thigh (Cut into finger food chunks) 

Egg (Beaten)

Garlic Salt 

Self Raising Flour

Crumbs mixture:

Rice Crumbs (can be sub with bread crumbs) + Curry Powder + Turmeric Powder + Raw Sesame Seeds (mix well)

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1. Dry chicken chunks with kitchen towel. Season with garlic salt. Toss with self raising flour.

2. Dip chicken chunks into the egg until it's completely covered with egg.

3. Dip chicken chunks into rice crumbs mixture until it's completely covered with bread crumbs. 

4. Optional: Repeat step 2 and step 3 for thicker crust.

Air-fry with Tefal Actifry:

5. Grease fryer's pan with olive oil. Place chicken chunks and gently press to flatten. Repeat the same steps for all the chicken chunks.

6. Spray a little olive oil on the chicken chunks. 

7. Air fry for 8 minutes or until cook through. 

Pan-fry in a frying pan:

8. Heat oil in a frying pan. Cook 2-3 minutes on each side until cook through, golden and crisp. 

*Do not over-cooked the chicken to remain the moist in the chicken. 

Tips to make the chicken breast more tender for the little one to munch:

1. Before adding anything, add some corn flour to the chicken breast, leave it for 30minutes. 

2. Rinse the chicken, pat dry with kitchen towel, then cut into chunks.

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