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Monday, 23 November 2015

The Best Heat Cough Remedy - Pear & Honey Dates Sweet Soup 蜜枣雪梨水 - 清热除痰, 润燥止咳,适合身体燥热, 喉干口渴, 咳嗽时痰多/ 痰黄

Hmm... let me simplified the Chinese explanation on the title. This is the remedy for:

~ cough with thick and yellow phlegm

~ Dry Throat ( When I had sore throat, I feel better after drinking this soup. It soothe my throat.)

~ Reduce body heat

~ Prevent/ helps to soothe cough. 

However, do not drink this for 'cold cough'. This remedy only works for 'heat cough'. If you are not sure what cough you've got, visit a doctor ;)

Well, all the above are based on my personal experience. No scientific proof. I had been taking care of my boy since day 1 he was born, so I know what is good for him. Every individual is different, do your own judgement or consult a doctor if you have cough. 

When my boy was younger, he didn't like this drink. Probably it's the taste of the honey dates. But now he's growing up and understand that when he cough, he needs to drink this to stop the cough. He never reject this drink anymore. 

If you don't like honey date taste, click here for the recipe cooked without honey dates. 


6 Honey Dates (or 8 honey dates if omit figs) 

3 US Figs 三粒无花果

3 - 4 Asian Pears 三至四粒雪梨(似乎大小,自己衡量)

Handful of Chinese Almond (Nan Bei Xing) 少许南北杏仁

1.5 Litre Water 热水

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1. Add in all ingredients in a slow cooker. Cook with high heat for 4 hours. Serve warm or chilled.


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