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Friday, 23 October 2015

Pandan Kaya/ Layer Cake 斑斓咖央层蛋糕 (中英文食谱)

Pandan Layer Cake, my all times favourite since childhood days. My whole family love this cake. And, that's the reason, I swear, I MUST learn to bake a successful one and hopefully I have a chance to make this for my parent and sisters. 

My first attempt was few months back in July 3, 2015. I followed a recipe shared by 东燕东燕. Here's a photo of it.....

This was the failed pandan layer cake that I made in July 3, 2015. My first attempt that failed badly. 

I had been thinking all these while why I failed making this cake. And, I finally find out the reason why I failed at the first attempt:

1. Cake batter - yolk portion turn out too dry, can't fold with whites, turned out lumpy. First batch of cake batter were thrown away. 2nd batch, I added some milk in the yolk batter, finally turned out nice. As shown in the picture.

Reason: Probably is because the original recipe calls for plain flour, but I used Top Flour. However, after the SOS on the 2nd batch, the cake turned out nice and yummy!

2. Kaya Layer - Thickened and hardened too fast. Thus, I can't smoothened the kaya layer of my cake. 

Reason: The original recipe says to turn off heat once the kaya thickened. Once remove from heat, the mixture turned lumpy.

This time, I didn't follow exactly the original recipe. I made it my own way that I had learnt from my previous experience. Hopefully my method here would help some of my readers and Pandan Layer Cake lovers to bake a successful Pandan Layer Cake ;)

Here's the cake recipe from 东燕东燕:


4 Egg White 蛋白 4 个

40g Castor Sugar 幼糖 40克

1/4 tsp Cream of Tartar (I omit this) 塔塔粉 1/4小匙(我没放)


4 Egg Yolk 蛋黄 4个

30g Castor Sugar 幼糖 30克

40g Oil 油 40克

50g Milk 鲜奶 50克

110g All Purpose Flour 面粉 110克 

(我改用Top Flour,蛋黄的面糊会比较干,需要加多一点鲜奶)
(I used Top Flour, the yolk batter turned out too dry, need to add some milk before fold in the whites)


1. In a bowl, whisk yolk and castor sugar until pale and thick. Stir in oil and milk, sift in flour. Mix until well combined. Set aside.


2. Whisk egg white (and cream of tartar if using) until frothy, gradually add in sugar. Continue to beat until stiff peak. 


3. Fold into yolk mixture in 3 batches. Pour into a lined 7" square baking tin. Bake in a preheated oven 150'C about 50 minutes.


4. Remove from oven, invert and let it cool completely. 


5. Slice the cake and set aside.


If you are sharing this recipe, kindly attach the link to this blog instead of screen capture/ copy & paste/ use in your blog and claimed as your recipe! Thank you.


Here's my version of Kaya Layer...



490g Coconut Milk 椰浆 490克

510g Pandan Juice + Water 斑斓汁加水 510克

(I blend a bunch of pandan leaves with 1 1/2 cups of water, then add water to make up this amount.)

150g Sugar 幼糖150克

8g Agar-agar Powder 燕菜粉 8克

100g Mung Bean Powder (Hun Kwee Flour) 绿豆粉 100克

1. In a large bowl, mix together coconut milk and pandan juice + water. 


2. Transfer 300ml of mixture into another bowl. Stir in Mung Bean Powder (use a whisk), until well combined. Strain and set aside. 


3. Pour the remaining 700ml of mixture into a pot. Add in sugar and agar-agar powder. Heat up with medium-high heat (level 7 for induction) , stir constantly and bring to boil. This step is crucial, make sure the agar-agar powder are fully dissolved.


4. Reduce heat to medium-low (level 4 for induction), stir in the mung bean mixture. Keep stirring until you get a smooth paste.


5. Reduce to low heat (level 2 for induction), use a ladle, scoop out the mixture and layer the bottom of a lightly greased baking tin. Smoothen the top with a spatula.


6. Place a layer of cake on top, follow by another layer of kaya mixture. Repeat for the rest. 


7. Let it cool, cover and keep in the fridge. 


8. To serve, remove the cake from the fridge. Use a spatula, scrape the edges around the cake. Place a large cake board/ plate on the baking tin, secure with 2 hands, turn it upside down. Well, by default, the cake will come out nicely ;) 



1. Many were asking for the recipe when I shared the photo on Facebook but I didn't share the recipe on the same day because this is the first time I use this ratio of coconut milk, water and agar-agar powder to make the kaya layer, I need to observe if it would stay as it is for days. Now I can ensure you, this pandan layer is a successful one! Now is the 3rd day, I still have one slice of cake left in my fridge, still looking good and taste good :)

2. Pandan Layer Cake isn't an easy-to-bake cake. Do needs lots of patience and watch closely on every steps. Good luck to all of you! Enjoy baking! 

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