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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Teriyaki Cod Fish (Gindara Teriyaki)

This is a quick snapshot of my Teriyaki Cod 

Last minute shopping for last minute meal...this is what i usually do during school holiday. I bought a pack of cod fillet. I asked my little boy if he'd like to have paprika or curry fried fish (both are his favorite dish), perhaps the weather was too hot, he replied me saying that both fried fish were too dry to eat with rice, he'd like to have fried fish with teriyaki sauce. 
He was extremely hungry, so I got to get ready his dinner in no time. With a voice mumbling besides me ... 'i'm hungry, I'm very very hungry...' , I got to use my way, the simplest way to cook Gindara Teriyaki.


1 Small Cod Fillet
Pinch of Salt (Optional), or you can use garlic salt or pepper salt to enhance the flavor 
3 tbsp Teriyaki Sauce
Cooking Oil


1. Wash the cod fillet and dry with kitchen towel. If you are cooking for young children, run your fingers on the fillet to check for bones and remove it if there's any. 

2. Add a pinch of salt on the fillet, spread it evenly on both sides. Dry with kitchen towel if there's any excess water. 

3. Heat a little oil in a skillet pan, place the fillet 'skin down' , gently press on the middle of the fillet.

4. Let it fry till the skin is brown and crisp (about 2-3mins), flip over and add in teriyaki sauce.

5. When the teriyaki sauce start to boil and thicken, remove from heat.

6. Served warm with steamed rice.

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