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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Mango Sago Dessert 简易芒果西米露

There are many ways to make Mango Sago Dessert. Some people make it with coconut milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk, mango juice and sugar. But, I'm too lazy to dig my can opener that is deep down in my drawer, so I decided to make it with organic fresh milk that is available all the times in my fridge because my son drink fresh milk every morning and before bed. And, there's NO SUGAR added in my recipe because I substituted ice cube with frozen mango which gives a really sweet taste!


2 Chilled Ripe Mango 

120g (or more) Frozen Mango 

1 tbsp Chilled Fresh Milk (if the texture is too thick, add in more fresh milk)

1 1/2 tbsp Sago 

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1. Wash and soak sago in water for 1 hour.

2. Drain the water and cook it with 2 cups of water.

3. When all the sago becomes transparent, remove from heat. Drain the water, wash it with cold running filtered water/ drinking water.

4. Transfer to a bowl. Add some water and let it cool.

5. Meanwhile, peel the mangoes and cut into cubes. Reserve some for garnishing.

6. In the blender, blend the frozen mango and fresh mango cubes into a smooth paste. Add in fresh milk. Blend to mix well. 

7. Add in sago (make sure it is completely cooled and drained), mix well with a spoon.

8. Served with the reserved mango cubes. 

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By Helen Kwek

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