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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Cute Bear Onigiri Served In Homemade Japanese Curry

Cute Bear Onigiri served in homemade Japanese curry. Loved by both adults and kids. Looks good, taste delicious!

This was the part 2 of my Panda Onigiri that I made the day before. After my boy happily finished eating his Panda Onigiri lunch, he asked if I can make another one for him. Of course I won't say no, if he's able to tell me what theme or characters he wants. 

And, he told me he wants a bear and curry. Oh well, I knew it! He will sure request for Japanese curry if I ask him "what's for lunch?" 

The boy happily holding his bowl of beary cute curry rice :)

Here are some quick notes of how I prepare this Cute Bear Onigiri served in homemade Japanese Curry:

1. First, cook the curry! Click here for Homemade Japanese Curry recipe. This recipe is simple, quick and best of all, it's non spicy and nutritious. Kids loves this! it's so delicious to pair with rice.

2. Cook the rice and side dishes:

Side dishes: Blanched broccoli, Pan Seared Prawns,
Snow Peas and Tamagoyaki aka Japanese Rolled Omelette. 

Blanched broccoli: Boil some water, seasoned with salt, blanched the broccoli.

Pan seared prawns: Seasoned with salt, pepper, sake and sesame oil, pan seared.

Tamagoyaki aka Japanese Rolled Omelette: Click here for Tamagoyaki aka Japanese Rolled Omelette recipe. 

3. Assemble and serve. :)

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