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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Coconut & Yam Paste Crispy Nian Gao Stick (aka OrNee Nian Gao Stick) 椰香芋泥年糕棒

When I ask my 7yo son what he wants for Chinese New Year, he wants me to make Pork Jerky for him.....when my sister ask me the same question, my answer is always the same - Traditional Nian Gao! 

My new creation ~ Coconut & Yam Paste Nian Gao Stick ~ was an unplanned experiment. I wanted to make yam paste dessert at first but after pureed the yam, I realised that I did not have shallot to make shallot oil. So I changed my mind to add some flour mixture (based on my last year creation - Baked Purple Sweet Potato Nian Gao Mochi flour ratio to form a thick paste, then coat it on Nian Gao and pan fry. 

Before you continue with this blog, I must tell you, this is not a foolproof recipe. The thick and sticky yam paste isn't easy to handle. But, trust me, the result is awesome! It turned out so tasty and addictive! The outer crust is crispy and the inner part is chewy. Non greasy because I pan fried it with minimal oil used. This is something you must try if you are a Nian Gao lover like me ;) 

By the way, I must say the oil that I used for pan frying this time, makes a difference too. I used my newly bought Medella Premium Organic Coconut Cooking Oil, which is healthier and I find it not easy to burn, so I can pan fry the nian gao till fully softened without burn. Love this to the max ;)

Ingredients: (Yield 6 - 3inch Nian Gao Stick)
~I must say this is ONE serving, I finished eating all 6 by myself! 

80g Steamed Yam (steamed with pandan leaves for 30 minutes) 

3 tbsp Coconut Milk 

The amount of coconut milk used is based on the moisture of the yam, do adjust accordingly. 椰奶的份量需自己拿捏。

Pinch of Salt

10g Sugar (optional, omit sugar for less sweet nian gao stick)
糖 10克,不爱吃太甜的可以不放

15g Rice Flour
粘米粉 15克

23g Glutinous Rice Flour
糯米粉 23克

6 Nian Gao Stick

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1. Puree the steamed yam with coconut milk.

2. Add in pinch of salt and sugar if using. Mix well. Add in all the flour, form a thick paste.

3. Heat oil in a skillet, coat the nian gao with yam paste, pan fry until golden brown. When the nian gao bubbling out, means it's ready to serve! Enjoy! 

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