Thursday 7 August 2014

Po Po's Recipe Minced Meat (Grandma's Recipe) 家乡风味 香炒肉碎

This yummy minced meat recipe was originated by my mom. 

When I started cooking for my boy, I always called my mom for help. Need help for more easy home cooked recipe. She taught me a lot and inspired me to create new recipes. This was one of the recipe I got from her. I modified a little by adding some oyster sauce and sugar as I like it a little sweet in taste. 

The first time I cooked this for my boy, he likes it a lot. Finished eating his bowl of rice really fast. I told my boy, his po po (grandma) taught me to cook this for him. And, he named this 'Po Po's Recipe Minced Meat', one of his favorite dish!

这是我家的家传菜 :D 其实是我妈妈以前经常煮给我们吃的。学会这道菜,不怕小朋友不吃饭。做法简单,基本上就是把肉碎腌好,然后炒香。。味道好香又开胃,非常下饭的一道菜。

It's ideal to pack this in lunchbox.

Photo updated: 20 April 2017.

Lunch box for my 9yo.

Photo updated: 16 Jan 2018.

Ingredients: 材料

140g Minced Meat 肉碎 140克

Seasoning: 调味料

1/2 tbsp Grated Ginger 姜蓉 半汤匙

1 tsp Soy Sauce 酱油 1小匙

1/4 tsp Sugar 糖 1/4 小匙

1/2 tsp Sesame Oil 麻油 1/2 小匙

1 tbsp Oyster Sauce 蚝油 1汤匙

Oil for cooking 油 适量

1 tbsp Minced Garlic  蒜茸 1 汤匙

2 tbsp Spring Onion/ Coriander (chopped) 葱碎/芫荽 2汤匙满

2 tsp Dark Soy Sauce 黑酱油 2小匙

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Method: 步骤

1. In a clean bowl, add grated ginger into minced meat. Mix well.

2. Add the remaining seasoning and mix well. Marinate for 30 minutes.

3. Heat oil in a skillet, fry the garlic until fragrant.

4. Add minced meat and stir fry till just cooked. Add dark soy sauce and some soy sauce to taste (if needed). Mix well. Add spring onion. Mix well. Remove from heat and serve warm with steamed rice. If you like my recipe, click hereLIKE & follow Miki's Food Archives Facebook page to receive more recipe updates. Don't forget to change the setting to 'SEE FIRST' if you wish to see my post on your Facebook news feed. Enjoy!


Photo updated: 6 Jan 2017

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