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The Story of the Mystery Cake (Part 2) 神秘蛋糕的故事

This is the part 2 of the Mystery Cake story. If you missed the part 1 story, click here.

After he made the first Mystery Cake (cupcakes), I have a strong feeling that he will come back to me and say he wants to make 'his original recipe' of mystery cake. So the day after he made his first batch of mystery cupcakes, I went to supermarket to buy a tin of Milo. I know my son very well, he did indeed came back to me the next day and says he wants to bake his cake NOW! Lol....

Well, looking at his recipe, I really think that it can make a nice cake with a little amendment here and there. I transformed his recipe to a sponge cake recipe and helped him work out the exact amount of each ingredients. 

At this point you may think that I am a professional baker? No, I'm not. Just that I have a similar sponge cake recipe that matches most of the ingredients in his list. 

After filled up the amount of each ingredient, we carried on our baking journey. This time, I did most of the work because this recipe required skills like folding the flour into meringue and so on. Whereas the previous Mystery Cupcakes , he made it by his own. 

But he still helped up with some simpler chores like mixing the Milo and milk...and wash dishes! :)

My intention to pen out this blog is not to show off how good is my son or how genius am I to work out the recipe. I can tell you, we are none of the above! Just by luck we did this successfully with a strong will. I wish I can inspire parents to pay attention to your children. I'm a mother with only 6 years of experience being a mom, I'm still learning how to be a better mother. Answer to your children's request, listen to their story and spend time with them. 

A reminder to myself: Be patience and flexible to them, but actually these are the two that I haven't achieved. 

If you are interested to try out his recipe, click here for the full recipe. Thank you for your patience to read our story :) 

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