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The Story Behind the Mystery Cake (Part 1) 神秘蛋糕背后的故事

It was just another ordinary afternoon, we were resting at home and my son took his note book and wrote this....

A recipe! And he said 'Okay, let's go bake cake!' and he ran to the kitchen getting ready to start baking. I was stunned and trying to convince him to make this another day. Well, I need time to figure out what cake can be made with this 'recipe' but this little boy insisted with some special request:

- Must bake in an oven, not steam as he drew an oven (no. 5 icon)
- Must have eggs, flour and milo. 

Too bad I have no Milo at home, so I then convince him to substitute with chocolate product. And, I work out a recipe with ...

- no whisking
- no beating
- with just simple ingredients  
- just mix with a folk and bake!

He made the cupcakes with a little guidance from me and I'm glad that the cakes were successfully baked and never disappoint him. last minute recipe works! Phew...

He took some pictures to show all our closed family members and left a message...

 'I made these cakes, do they looks good or super duper good?' 

Guess what replies that come back to him? 

These are Banana Chocolate & Hazelnut Cream Cupcakes. Moist, soft and fragrant! Very simple steps, even a 6 year old boy can do it! I'm a proud mom today! Lol... 

Click here for recipe :) 

This is the original recipe Mystery Cake, recipe written by my son ;)

Updated 22 May 2015

Finally we made our 'original recipe mystery cake' followed my son's recipe and I named it Dingoozat Mystery Cake. Click here to continue reading..... the recipe and the part 2 of this story. Enjoy :) 

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