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My Son 6yo Birthday Preparation [2015] ~ In The Making ~

July 2015

July is a happy month! because this is the month that my lovely boy arrived. Since last year, after I bought my oven, I let him wish for his birthday themed party. This is actually my wish when I was small but I'm not as lucky as him :) 

Last year (2014) I made a Happy Hippo Birthday Cake with Happy Hippo Cupcakes for his classmates and teachers. This year, he asked for Pooh Bear Theme for school party and Lego theme for party at home with our closed relatives. Here's the 'in the making' of the cakes and cookies.

July 1, 2015

Finally kick start my baking for testing and tasting of Royal Icing and sugar cookies. This was my first attempt drawing with royal icing. Not easy at first, this was the most tedious job in my baking so far...... Continue to read how I made these beautiful Winnie The Pooh cookies >>

July 15, 2015

Started my fondant cake project with a fondant piglet and Bubblegum ghost of Candy Crush Soda game. Yes, my son has requested another themed cake for his lunar birthday ;) 

This was my first time making piglet and the bubblegum ghost. 

 Click here to read how I made the piglet fondant figurine >>

The Bubblegum ghost....

Trying out 2D fondant figure. Not easy at all... >.<

Just in case you are not a 'candy crusher' or do not know what is bubbglegum ghost.
Actually my son named this, I don't know what's the name of this ghost lol...

Both still sitting in the box safely... Both may or may not appear in the actual birthday cake lol...

In the evening....

Son, changed his mind. Now he doesn't want Winnie the Pooh cake, he wanted to have Penguin of Madagascar Cake! It's totally fine to change his mind now because I haven't really decide how to make the Winnie the Pooh Cake lol...

Tried making Skipper.... It's a 100% failure...because it turned out look more like Private! lol....


Somehow after I shaped the penguin, the black fondant doesn't stay in shape. So my skipper became fatter and shorter and ended up look like AngryBird! Lol....

After chopped off the back, looks a bit slimmer doesn't look like what it supposed to look like.... Not one little bit! :D

I'll definitely will make this again!!!! 

July 15, 2015, end.

July 17, 2015

2nd attempt on Penguin Madagascar.

Penguin of Madagascar... Looks easy to make right? .... but not easy at all!! 

2am in the morning, took me 3 hours to make these.....

July 18, 2015

Little boy wanted to have Winnie the Pooh and Penguin of Madagascar cake, an all in one cake. Challenging but I like it! 

Here's the Winnie the Pooh fondant figurine that I have made...

Continue to read the 'in the making' of my customised Winnie The Pooh + Penguin of Madagascar themed birthday cake >>

19 July 2015

Started baking! Baked the sugar cookies for birthday party at kindergarten. These sugar cookies are yummy!

20 July, 2015

Making royal icing candy crush cake toppers....making this was exhausting. 

The failed to redo again... :(

Behind the scene

This wasn't the first batch. Trial and finally looks better!

Thanks to my readers who have voted for me.

Baked my boy's favourite flavour ~ Bandung Ogura.

21 July, 2015

Cake and toppers are ready, now it's time to make the base. The cake board for my Candy Crush themed cake. It was 1:12 am. 

Take a break, made some red eggs for the birthday boy :P

This was too cute! 

The most fun part of decorating birthday cake is the 'assembling' part. Click here to read how I assemble the Candy Crush themed birthday cake >>

My draft.

The actual cake.

22 July, 2015

Making the 2nd birthday cake.

23 July, 2015 

Toppers are ready...

Playing with the Penguin of Madagascar :D 

Watch the video of my Penguin of Madagascar fondant figurines here >> 

Decorate the sugar cookies... Click here to read how I packed these beautiful cookies >>

24 July 2015

Assembled the Pooh + Penguin cake... 

Click here to read how I put everything on the cake >>

24 July 2015

Back to the grandparents home...Lego theme birthday party! My sister in law made a Lego themed cake that SPIN! Click here to watch the video and read more >>

Not to forget the fondant mini figures made by me. :) Emmet and the Good Bad Cop.


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