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Monday, 1 June 2020

Chicken Congee/ Porridge With Dried Scallops 瑶柱鸡丝粥 [Pressure Cooker Recipe]

Simple and comforting Chicken Congee/ Chinese Rice Porridge With Dried Scallops. I think most Chinese household knows how to cook congee/ porridge using the conventional/ stovetop method. In this blog post, I'm sharing a super easy method using pressure cooker. 

Easy one-push button to select cooking mode, temperature and cooking time.

I cooked the congee using Ninja Foodi Pressure Cook function, just add in all ingredients, set 15 minutes cooking time, sit back and relax. No need to stand by the kitchen to constantly stir the congee or "watch fire" 不需要看火. :D  The end result is satisfying, the right texture that I like! 

The Ninja Foodi multi cooker that I'm using is a combination of pressure cooker and air fryer in one pot, it's super efficient and time saving. Besides pressure cook and air frying, there are other functions such as steam, slow cook, sear/ saute, bake/ roast, grill and keep warm. I also use it for stir frying dishes with the 5 heat levels. It's like a portable kitchen with rice cooker, pressure cooker, air fryer, oven and stovetop functions. 

Ninja Foodi is available in Singapore and Malaysia. Get your Ninja Foodi OP300 at lowest price using this promo code: mfa_dingoozatfood  to enjoy more than 37% discount. Retail Price $599, after promo code discount: $374. 

Ingredients: yield 2 servings

3/4 *cup Jasmine Rice 
(rinsed, soaked for 30 minutes or if you're cooking for breakfast, you can soak the rice the night before)

4-5 *cup Water & the water used to soak dried scallops
(or use chicken broth if you like it more flavourful)

*Cup = the small measuring cup commonly used to measure rice.

1 Chicken Leg (cut into chunks or whole)
(Seasoned with salt, white pepper, sesame oil and corn flour.)

2-4 Dried Scallops (soaked)

4 slices Ginger

Some Salt, add to taste

Optional: White Pepper, Light Soy Sauce, Shallot Oil/ Sesame Oil, Spring Onion, Homemade Youtiao or any condiments of your preferences, for toppings.

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1. Place rice, marinated chicken, scallops, ginger and water in the inner pot of Ninja Foodi. 

 I use whole chicken leg (I'm lazy to cut the meat and wash chopping board >.<),
 it's optional to cut into smaller pieces because after pressure cooked, 
the chicken meat is tender and easily break into shredded chicken. 

2. Close the pressure lid, seal. Set Pressure Cook (HI)for 15 minutes.

3. After natural pressure release, add salt to taste.

Optional: Stir to break the chicken into smaller/ shredded pieces. You can adjust the thickness/ consistency of the congee by adding more liquid or reduce liquid (set Saute/ Sear mode to cook a few more minutes).

4. Add toppings and serve warm. Ninja Foodi is available in Singapore and Malaysia, order online and they'll deliver to your doorstep. Get your Ninja Foodi OP300 at lowest price using this promo code: mfa_dingoozatfood  to enjoy more than 37% discount. Retail Price $599, after promo code discount: $374.25. Product Details/ Order here:

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