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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Totoro & Susuwatari Bento 龙猫饭盒

It's this time of the year again where most of the school children in Singapore are being pressured to the max - SA 2, Semestral Assessment 2, commonly known as year end exam. 

Another "homework reminder", created in May 2018.

As usual, my P3 boy is totally stress-free, but mommy is stressful looking at him playing all day at home LOL... Made his favourite Totoro theme lunch box to gently remind him that he has to work a little harder so he could do better in the exam. Well, he seems motivated,  wish him all the best in SA2.   ❤️ 努力!加油!❤️

Here are some quick notes to show the steps/ method:

1. Cook the rice and all the side dishes. 

- Crab stick + french bean egg roll

Tap the link for recipe: 
<< Tamagoyaki aka Japanese Egg Roll Recipe 点击进入玉子烧食谱 >>

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- Pan fried Curry Chicken Fillet. 

Recipe adapted from here 👉Tap the link for recipe:
<< Curry Salmon Recipe 点击进入咖喱三文鱼食谱  >>

- Blanched broccoli

- Black Pepper Prawn

2. Portion out the rice, add some flavoured roasted seaweed, mix well.

3. Mould the rice into Totoro and Susuwatari shapes, as shown in the picture below. 

4. Line some lettuce on the lunch box. 

5. Add in side dishes. 

6. Add Totoro and Susuwatari, add facial details using fish cake and seaweed. 

7. Done and enjoy! If you are a "kiasu" mom like me, add the DIY 努力!加油!flag. ;)

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