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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Black Sesame Soup (cheater's version) 黑芝麻糊

Black Sesame Soup is traditionally prepared using black sesame seeds and rice. The whole process takes time as the sesame seeds needs to be fried till fragrant then grind into powder and cook. I'll only do that when I have time. :)

On a busy day when I'm craving for black sesame soup, I'll use my quick and easy method as shared in this blog post. 

黑芝麻糊不但味道好,而且具有很好的医疗作用。芝麻含有丰富的营养,因而在延缓人的衰老及美容方面,有极大的作用。中医认为,芝麻味甘、性温,有补血、润肠、通乳、养发等功效,适于治疗身体虚弱、头发早白、贫血、头晕耳鸣等症状。 黑芝麻糊的效用更胜鲜奶,多吃的话,皮肤会滑溜、少皱纹,还会令肤色红润白净。

Ingredients: Yield 2 servings

80g Black Sesame Powder 黑芝麻粉 80克

60g Glutinous Rice Flour/ Kou Fen 糯米粉 60克

800g Hot Water, adjust the amount accordingly. 热水 800克,自行调整份量

2 Pandan Leaves (optional),班兰叶 2片,可以不放

80g - 100g Castor Sugar, adjust to taste 细砂糖 80-100克

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1. Add flour and black sesame powder in a saucepan. Dry fry till fragrant.

2. Gradually add in hot water, stir constantly. Add pandan leaves, if using. 

3. Add sugar to taste, keep stirring and continue to cook for 5 minutes till the paste is smooth. Serve warm.

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