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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Crazy Spider Halloween Bento 黐线蜘蛛便当

Rice Based Halloween Theme Food Art - Crazy Spider Bento 黐线蜘蛛便当. A hearty lunch box packed with nutritious and delicious home cooked food. Spider is made of rice wrapped with seaweed/ Nori, side dishes are stir fry broccoli & baby corn with squid, seaweed egg roll and pan fry miso salmon.

When my son came back from school, he asked me if I know any tongue twister that I could teach him. Yes, I know one in Cantonese....


...his eyes rolled and asked me to explain the meaning. How to explain? "crazy spider's web sticking on a twig?" ....and the next question is "how", then "why?", "where"....

So to make it simpler to explain, I have made him this halloween theme lunch box. The answer is in there ;)


How I made it:

1. Cook the side dishes. Tap the link for full recipe:

 <<Stir Fry Broccoli & Baby Corn With Squid>>

<<Seaweed Egg Roll >> 

<<Pan Fried Miso Salmon>>

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2. To assemble: Portion out some rice and wrap with seaweed. Fill up half of the lunchbox with the remaining rice, layer some lettuce at the bottom so you don't need to use so much rice. Place the rice ball on the plain rice, add facial details using cheese and seaweed. Cut out 8 thin seaweed to make the spider's legs and a long one as spider's web. Place the rest of the side dishes to fill up the empty space. Serve right away. 

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