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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Little Chicks Onigiri Lunch Box/ Bento 可爱小鸡蛋黄饭团

Rice-Based Food Art - Little Chicks Onigiri Lunch Box/ Bento 可爱小鸡蛋黄饭团: A healthy, pretty and colourful meal made with no artificial colouring. Specially made for a picky kid who hates egg yolks. 

My son appetite changes from time to time. Now it's the time that he had that "sudden hate" of eating cooked egg yolks. Whenever I cooked hard boiled egg for him, he'd picked out the egg yolks. So I thought I would make a change in my food preparation. 

The simplest way is to add the egg yolk in rice, just like how I normally add pumpkin in his rice. Cooked and mashed, mix in the rice, that's it. In order to make it more exciting to eat, I mould the rice into cute little chicks for him.... Just hatched! Aren't they cute? :)

Here are some quick notes of how I made these little chick lunch box/ bento:

1. First, get everything cooked. In this lunch box, we had Coca-cola Chicken Wings, Stir Fry Kai Lan with prawns, hard boiled egg and rice. The Coca-cola Chicken Wings were so yummy, get recipe here >> Coca-cola Chicken Wings Recipe >>

Learn how to cook Coca Cola Chicken Wings

2. Mash the egg yolk, season with a pinch of salt, mix with rice. Mould into little chicks. Add details - I used sweet corn to make the beak. Just poke a little hole on the rice ball and place the sweet corn in it. The sweet corn can fit in quite well. 

3. Add facial expression details using seaweed. You may use a puncher or trim out with a pair of scissors.

4. Assemble. 

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