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Friday, 1 September 2017

3D Bear Peanut Butter & Cheese Sandwich 可爱小熊花生酱芝士三明治

Bread Based Food Art - 3D Bear Peanut Butter & Cheese Sandwich 可爱小熊花生酱芝士三明治. This cute little bear sandwich looks like plush toy, it's assembled from homemade soft Japanese bread with peanut butter filling and cheese as topping/ decoration. Adorable breakfast that kids will definitely love!

Here's another creation of mine, a simple one as I do not want to spend too long time in the kitchen when my boy was at home with me during school holiday. Although I know he is willing to wait for his special + limited edition breakfast. It's limited edition because for each design, I will only make once! 物以稀为贵 :)

I baked some bread 2 days ago, a tall and fluffy bread. The bread was soft even on the third day, no cooking/ reheating required, so I can spend some time in food decorating.

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Here are some quick notes of how I made this cute 3D Bear Sandwich:

1. Prepare the striped/ bi-colour heart shape cheese.

2 types of cheese needed for the bi-colour heart shape.Stack up to yield the bi-colour layers. 
You can use a few slices/ more cheese so it's easier to handle.
I only used 2 slices of cheese because I do not want to keep the leftover.

Carefully slice the striped cheese block and lay it flat on the board.
Use a heart shape cutter, cut out the cheese and it's ready.

 2. Assemble.

Trim a slice of bread as shown in this picture.
Add peanut butter spread. Place a piece of cut-out on the bread as support.

Trim another slice of bread into bear shape.
Place on top of the peanut butter bread, gently bend the bear bread to make it into siting position.
Add details using cheese and seaweed and it's done!
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