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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Pear & Chrysanthemum Soup [Soup Maker Recipe] 雪梨菊花茶 -清热,化痰,泻火

Pear & Chrysanthemum Soup 雪梨菊花茶 - A simple home remedy that helps to relieve dry throat, sore throat and reduce body heat. It also helps to soothe and nourish the lungs. Can serve chilled as a refreshing drink. Recipe credit to my mom. :)

Song Cho Soup Maker

I received a Song Cho Soup Maker few weeks back and I have decided to try out this recipe using the STEW function. Well, cooking this soup using Song Cho Soup Maker is easy. 

Besides making western soup, there is a STEW function that is ideal to stew meat dishes and cooking soup/ dessert that does not need to be blended or pureed. It takes only 40 minutes to complete the cooking and the best thing is, I don't need to check the status of my soup. The soup maker will do all the cooking and when the cooking is over, the soup maker will alert me with a loud 'beep' music. Totally love it! :)

功效: 清热泻火,平肝明目



100g Rock Sugar 冰糖 100克

1.2 Litre Water 水 1.2 公升

2 Chinese Pear 雪梨 2粒

25g Chrysanthemum 菊花 25克

12g Wolfberries 枸杞 12克

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Method: 步骤

1. Prepare the syrup: In a saucepan, heat up rock sugar and water until the sugar is fully dissolve. Leave it to cool.

2. Meanwhile, peel and core the pears, cut into chunks.

3. Add pears, chrysanthemum and wolfberries into Song Cho soup maker, pour in the syrup until it reaches 1500ml. 

4. Cover with the lid. Press MENU, select STEW and press START. The soup will be ready in 40 minutes. The soup maker will alert you with the 'beep' sound when it is ready.
盖上。按 MENU 》 选择 STEW 》按 START》。浓汤机会开始运作40分钟,音乐响了即可享用。若喜欢我的食谱,可以LIKE和追随我的面书专页,不要错过最新食谱发布。
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By Liwen Poh


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