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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Nyonya Style Chicken Stew With Potatoes (aka Ayam Pongteh) 娘惹豆酱马铃薯焖鸡

Nyonya style chicken stew with potatoes aka Ayam Pongteh is a Melaka dish cooked in fermented soy bean sauce. This is a homey dish originally added gula melaka for the sweetness and aroma. However, if you don't have gula melaka, you can replaced it with sugar.

This dish is best to pair with a bowl of warm rice. The gravy is truly palatable!


This is one of our favourite dish. My son can finished eating everything on this tray in no time!

Ingredients: Yield 2 servings

360g Chicken 带骨鸡肉 360克 

2 Potato (peel and cut into chunks) 马铃薯 2粒,去皮,切块

9 cloves Garlic (minced) 蒜头 9 瓣 ,剁碎

1 Onion (minced) 洋葱 1粒,剁碎

25g Soy Bean Paste 豆酱 25克

1 tbsp Oyster Sauce 蚝油 1汤匙

1/2 tbsp Dark Soy Sauce 黑酱油 半汤匙

1/2 tbsp Sugar/ Gula Melaka 细砂糖/椰糖 半汤匙

3 large Shiitake Mushroom (cut into chunks) 香菇 3棵,切块

250ml Water 水 250克

3 tbsp Cooking Oil 油 3 汤匙

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Method: 步骤

1. Heat oil in a pot, add potato, pan fry until half-cooked. Dish out and set aside.

2. Use the remaining oil in the pot, cook garlic and onion until fragrant.

3. Add in bean sauce, cook until fragrant.

4. Add in chicken, stir fry until the chicken are half-cooked.

5. Add in mushrooms and potatoes, mix well.

6. Add in sauce, sugar and water. Bring to boil.

7. Reduce to low heat, cover and cook for 25-30 minutes (stir 2 times in between cooking) until the potatoes are tender and the gravy is thickened. Remove from heat, serve warm with steamed rice. 


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