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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Piggy Mooncake Biscuit 传统公仔饼/猪仔饼

This is one of my favourite childhood festive food. My mom made traditional mooncakes every year, all from scratch. She never like anything store bought, so she'd make her own golden syrup, lotus paste, red bean paste etc....

When I was a child, I didn't like mooncakes with fillings. So she'd make mooncake biscuit for me. We called it doll biscuit 公仔饼. I always joined in the fun shaping the biscuit into pigs, gold fishes and some funny looking dolls. Too bad we do not have Iphone last time, I do not have a single picture of the doll biscuit to share here...all that I could remember is the joy being together with my family....a precious piece of memory.

I am a modern mom but I love to introduce my childhood food to my son, especially festive food. Although he may not like all of them, but at least he knows what mommy likes and what kind of food that his grandma had prepare for his mom, what Chinese eats during mooncake festival ...etc... Hmm....sounds complicated right? Well, what I'd like to do is to carry on some of our family cultures and traditions so that our next generation will treasures our cultures and traditional values.

The Three Little Pigs, where's the big bad wolf?

Now, what's the hottest game in town? POKEMON GO! 

My Pikachu mooncake biscuit that looks a bit like rabbit! Lol...

Packed some for a friend...

In the making.....

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