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Friday, 29 April 2016

Mango Overnight Oats 芒果隔夜燕麦粥

I have started overnight oats for quite sometimes and I find it really good. 

~ They're much easier to digest

~ Higher in resistant starch

~ Save my time, no cooking required

~ They're versatile 

It's easy to make, healthy and filling. Well, although there are thousands of overnight oats recipes online, I only stick to the basic one that I like. Just milk, vanilla yoghurt, chia seeds and rolled oats to pair with fruits. Most recipes calls for greek yoghurt but I personally like it more watery, so I use my favourite Dairy Farmers vanilla yoghurt. It's simple, no cooking required, just dump everything in the jar, soak it overnight in the fridge and breakfast is ready! 


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1/4 cup Rolled Oats 生燕麦片 1/4 杯(不要用快速燕麦)

1/3 cup Milk 牛奶 1/3 杯

1/4 cup Vanilla Yoghurt 香草味酸奶1/4杯(不喜欢太稀的,可以用greek酸奶)

1.5 tsp Chia Seeds 奇异子 1.5小匙

1/3 cup Mango (chunks) 芒果 1/3 杯,切小

1.5- 2 tsp Honey 蜜糖 1-2小匙,芒果的甜度有别,蜜糖的份量可以自行调整。


1. Put all ingredients in a jar, mix well. 

2. Cover and keep in the fridge overnight. Serve chilled.

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