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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Homemade Salted Egg 自制咸蛋

The colour of the salted egg yolks as shown in this picture is the original colour of the yolks.  
I did not edit the colour of this picture ;)

I started my Salted Egg-periment on 14th October 2015 and ended on 21 December 2015. Don't worry, the actual brining days is about 20-30days only. Mine, took a little longer because.....

The first batch - one of the egg cracked on the 2nd day >.< 
So do check your eggs if there's any cracks, this step is crucial!

So I made another batch and wait again, but....

... the water turned mouldy. 
Probably it's before I did not boil the water.

These were the salted egg yolk from the mouldy batch. Looks good right? 

I discard's better be safe than sorry. 

This was the 3rd batch. This time, I boiled the salt water before brining.

(Picture 1 图一)

Thanks to Wahyuni for the tips. 3rd batch, it's a successful one! 

I'm glad that I can finalised my salted egg yolk recipe now and use it in my cooking. No need to worry about what it's made of . This was my first salted egg yolk dish...

Crispy Enoki Mushroom with Homemade Salted Egg 


1 cup Sea Salt 盐 1 杯

3 cups Water 水 3 杯

1/2 Star Anise 八角 半粒

1/2 tbsp Shao Xing Wine 绍兴酒 半汤匙

4 Eggs (I used 4 chicken eggs for my egg-periment, the amount can be increased) 
鸡蛋/鸭蛋 4 粒 (可以加多几粒)

A glass container with lid. 玻璃瓶

Some egg holders/ small plates/ spoon. 小汤匙或其它餐具

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1. In a saucepan, cook salt, star anise and water. Bring to boil, simmer till the salt dissolved. Remove from heat and let it cooled completely.


2. While waiting for the salt water to cool, wash and dry the eggs. Make sure the eggs are not crack.


3. Stir in Shao Xing wine to the salt water.


4. Carefully place the eggs in the glass container. Pour in the salt water. The eggs may float, use some egg holder/ small plates/ spoon to hold it down the water level. Refer to picture 1.


5. Cover the container with a lid. Keep in a cool place and let it sit for 30 days. 


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