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Monday, 30 November 2015

Air-fried Crispy Kale Chips 香脆羽衣甘蓝

This leafy greens is very high in antioxidants such as beta-carotene and vitamin C. Kale is packed with nutrients that benefits to our health and therefore, I put it high on my to-try-list. 

Kale itself doesn't really taste good. It taste a little bitter. So seasoning is a MUST add-on item when making these green chips. And, the most important part is to cook until crispy. Here's a video to show the texture of my air-fried kale chips. 

If you can achieve this texture, your kale chips is successful and it's gonna be super delicious. Otherwise, it would turned out bitter and chewy. If you have picky eater that doesn't like vegetables, you can give this a try. This is something that my son would munch and munch without me reminding him to EAT THE GREENS ;)


Ingredients: 材料

100g Kale (discard the stems, washed and dried) 羽衣甘蓝 100克

Seasoning: 调味料

1/2 tsp Chicken Powder/ Hao Chi All In One Seasoning 鸡粉/全合一调味料 半小匙

Dash of Pepper 胡椒粉 少许

3 tsp Oil 油 3小匙

Raw Sesame Seeds (optional) 芝麻 少许,随意,不放也可以

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Method: 步骤 

1. Place kale in the air-fryer.

2. Drizzle the oil. Add the rest of the seasoning ingredients.

3. Gently toss with hands.

4. Cover and cook for 12 minutes or until crisp. Remove from the pan, serve right away.  If you like my recipe, click hereLIKE & follow my facebook page to receive more recipe updates. Don't forget to change the setting to 'SEE FIRST' if you wish to see my post on your Facebook news feed. Enjoy!

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