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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Sun Bread 太阳面包 (老式面包食谱)

2 days ago, I picked my boy from school, he told me excitedly 'Mommy, let's go home and make sun bread!'

And, he has been talking about 'sun bread' whole day, with some stories that he made up. 

I have no idea what's the sun bread it's like...I asked him if it's from a book that he read? but nope, well, probably it's something that suddenly popped out from his mind. 

At night, I googled and found this Sun Bread book. Wondering if he read this book in the school. So I decided to make this for him. I made this in the next morning...

.... I got a 'WOW' and a BIG smile from him when he back home and saw the Sun Bread. He likes it so much, however, I then found out that he didn't read this book and the sun bread that he mentioned, was his imaginary sun bread! 

Here's the close up of my Sun Bread. The drawing wasn't perfect because I wanted my Sun Bread to have COLOUR so I egg wash the bread before I do the drawing which causes the drawing smear a little. But it's totally fine for me, as long as my boy likes it, it's a successful bake!

For bread recipe, click here. I used the super soft and fluffy C Cup Bread recipe to make this. This is to make sure the Sun's face puff up round and nice! 

For drawing method, click here

A day after I baked this Sun Bread, I baked a Sun Cake. Yes, you got me right, it's a Sun Cake, not Mooncake! lol... It's a Nutella Cotton Cake, light and moist. 

Click here for full recipe

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