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Friday, 7 August 2015

Bacon Steamed Tofu 熏肉蒸豆腐

The common ways of serving steamed Tofu is pairing with crispy shallot or minced meat toppings. This time, I ran out of both ingredients. Last cooking day of the week before the long weekend, just cooked whatever ingredients that I have in the fridge. 

Well, as I always said, anything goes with bacon won't taste bad. This one, it's good and the best thing is 'hassle-free and mess-free'. It's so easy and yummy!

We, everyone here in Singapore are in the mood of celebrating SG50! 

Happy Birthday Singapore! 


Tofu (steamed, drain and set aside) 豆腐 (蒸好,水倒掉)

Some good quality back bacon (I trimmed off the fat, chopped) 熏肉,切小

*Sauce: 酱料

Oyster Sauce 蚝油

Soy Sauce 酱油

Sugar 糖

Some Water 少许水

*Mix all in a bowl, set aside. 全部混合

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1. Heat oil in a skillet. If you didn't trim the fat, skip this step.


2. Cook the bacon until sizzling and a little crisp on the edges. 


3. Pour in the seasoning. It will sizzle and bubble. When the sauce is thicken, turn off heat and pour the sauce on the steamed Tofu.


4. Serve warm with steamed rice.

把酱料倒在蒸好的豆腐上,完成 ✅

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