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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Air Fried Stuffed Chinese Bread Stick (aka Youtiao) 气炸香脆酿油条

This is a popular dish in most seafood restaurant in Singapore and Malaysia. Those that we normally eat in restaurants are deep fried with oil. My version is air fried, thanks to some members who shared the idea. 

Well, this method uses very little oil, basically I just spray some olive oil on it. The amount of oil used is less than 1% ? or 0.1 % of those served in the restaurant? 

Next question is.... which one taste better? Verdict? 

Homemade of course. No MSG, less salty...more healthy! and the fish paste is made of fresh mackerel flesh, no fishy smell, really GOOD!

Click here for Easy Homemade Fish Paste recipe.


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Fish Paste (I used homemade fish paste, click here for recipe)

Chinese Bread Stick aka YouTiao

Raw Sesame Seeds


1. Cut the breadstick as desired. Stuff with fish paste.

2. Coat the fish paste surface with sesame seeds. Repeat for the rest.

3. If you don't have air fryer, just deep fry with oil. If you have air fryer, skip this step and continue with step 4.

4. Spray a thin layer of olive oil. Transfer the bread stick to the Tefal Actifry pan.

5. Cook for 6 minutes. Rotate the breadsticks, continue to cook another 4 minutes.

6. Cut into your desired size and serve warm.

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