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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Tooth Fairy Jelly

April 27, 2015,

My 6yo son lost his first milk tooth and he asked 'Mommy, I got to put my tooth under my pillow right? what will I get from tooth fairy?'. Hmm... Actually I don't know much about tooth fairy, then hubby told him that tooth fairy will give a coin. 

Little boy immediately thought of something else. He wants jelly instead. Then I told him I'll be his tooth fairy, give me that tooth and I'll make jelly for him. 

I made the jelly on the next day. Something new to him because this time I used Jello! For readers who are following my blog will know, I don't usually add food colouring in my son's food. Natural colours are always my first choice. This time, it's exceptional because I don't have time to prepare. It's so last minute and that's what I can thought of....Hopefully when the next tooth drop, I could have ample time to make a nicer jelly for him. The texture of this jelly is springy. Too sweet for me tho but my boy likes it. 

This is NOT my recipe, I followed the step by step instruction in this youtube video. Thanks Mosogourmet for this creative jelly. Kids will definitely love this! 

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