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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Fresh Mango Pudding 鲜芒果布丁

I am a jelly + pudding lover! 

When I was a teenager, I used to make pudding using instant pudding powder with some fresh mango cubes in it. Now I'm more advance, made everything from scratch! Not because I have more time now, simply because I'm making this for my kid, I wanted to avoid all those colouring added in the instant pudding mix. 

First attempt, made pudding from scratch, year 2014

I have tried many recipes, trial and error as I always wanted to make pudding that can be un-mould, like this (the picture shown below). This was made with coconut milk, drizzle with some coconut milk. Fragrant and tasty, this was a successful one, but too bad that I have lost my notes, I have no idea how this was made. *brain jam*

I always wanted to make mango pudding again because my boy likes it. However, during mango season, the mangoes are so fresh, juicy and sweet. Whenever I cut the mangoes, we ate it fresh instead of using it to make dessert. Till today, when I cut the 'Thai Mango' that I bought from the supermarket, I decided to make mango pudding because it's orange flesh that we didn't like it. And so...I made this...

With whipping cream this time because this was unplanned. The texture is not as smooth as the one that I made previously but my boy likes it. So I must save this recipe here before I lost it again! I'm not 100% satisfy with the texture of this pudding, I'll try to modify this recipe in my next attempt. If I got a better one, content will be updated.

This can be un-mould easily :)

Ingredients and method:


50g Water

15g Gelatine Powder

1. In a bowl, add in water (room temperature). Sprinkle gelatine and set aside. 

Mean while, prepare the mango puree.


2. To prepare the mango:

280g Mango Puree 

Blend the mango. Stir in 1 tsp fresh lemon juice 

Strain to get a smooth puree. 

Reserve some Mango (cut into cubes, drizzle with some lemon juice, covered and keep in the fridge for later use.)

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90g Water

55g Sugar

3. Warm (C) in a saucepan, stir constantly until sugar fully dissolve. Add in (A). Stir until gelatine fully dissolve. Remove from heat. Set aside to cool.


80g Whipping Cream or Coconut Milk or Milk

4. In a large bowl, stir together all (A+C), (B) and (D). 

5. Carefully pour into pudding cup/ mould.

6. Keep in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

7. Add toppings and serve chilled. 

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