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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Purple Sweet Potato Balls in Green Bean Sweet Soup 紫薯丸子绿豆糖水

I made this dessert quite some times ago when my parent and sisters came to visit me in Singapore. My sister sent me a message.... 'Cook tong shui (aka sweet soup) for us...' , and that was a very last minute request. 

This was my first attempt making purple sweet potato balls. I followed a recipe that I found from google search, but the texture was totally out of what I wanted. Trial and error...I continued to modify the flour ratio to get the right texture that I wanted. A little springy but soft, just nice for the elderly (my parent). I'm happy that my parent and sisters gave me 8 thumbs up for this!  :)


To prepare green bean soup: 绿豆糖水食谱,点击一下链接。

Click here for Green Bean Sweet Soup recipe.

To prepare Purple Sweet Potato Ball: 紫薯丸子食谱:

1 Cup Mashed Sweet Potato 紫薯泥 1杯

Steamed and sieved to get a smooth puree.

15g Tapioca Flour 木薯粉 15克

15g + 1 tbsp Corn Flour  玉米粉 15克+1汤匙

3 tbsp Glutinous Flour 糯米粉 3 汤匙

3 Tbsp Sugar 糖 3 汤匙

Some water 水 ,适量

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1. Cook the green bean soup. Set aside. 

2. Mix all ingredients together. Form a dough. 

3. Roll out the dough. 

This was the natural color of the purple sweet potato.
I didn't add any colouring and I didn't edit the color of this photo. 

4. Cut into small pieces. 

5. Cook in hot boiling water. Rinse with ice water. Serve with warm green bean soup

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