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Friday, 23 January 2015

Steamed Banana Cupcakes 蒸香蕉杯子蛋糕

My boy is having stiff neck since yesterday, so no baking for this coming week. All STEAMED food for him. The first on the breakfast menu, Steamed Banana Cupcakes. 

Ingredients: (Yield 6-8 small cupcakes)

Important Notes:

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1 Egg 
70g Castor Sugar
1 Ripe Banana (mashed)
38g Oil 
75g Self Raising Flour


1. Whisk egg and sugar until the batter stop expanding. 

2. Mix in banana, beat until combine. Add in oil, mix well.
3. Sift in flour and gently fold in. Do not over mix the batter. 
4. Pour batter evenly into 6 small paper cups. Use 8 paper cups if you do not want a HUAT KUEH look cupcakes :)

5. Steam in a hot steamer for 13 minutes. 

Some feedback from those who have tried this recipe:

By Valerie Zhou

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