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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Kid's Favorite Soup 小孩最爱的汤

This is my 5 year old son creation, not me.... There was a day when I asked him what soup does he wants to drink, ABC soup or sweet corn soup? All the ingredients were on my kitchen worktop. He said 'I want Hu Tu soup' in chinese is 糊涂汤 means Silly Soup. Then I asked him what ingredients to be used in Silly Soup? He then mix and match the ingredients, then I cooked. Here's the ingredients:

Little helper on the job! lol...

Yeah, this Silly Soup taste good and kids will definitely like it because it's sweet! Something different from the ordinary sweet corn soup or ABC soup. And, this soup is packed with nutrients! Now this has become one of our 'soup of the day'. :)

Ingredients: (yield 2-3 servings)
250g Pork Bones
1 Sweet Corn
2 Medium Carrot
2 Potatoes
Sea Salt to taste

1. Rinse soup bones with boiling water.
2. Add all ingredients into a pot. 

3. Add 1.5 litre boiling water.
4. Cook with high heat for 30 minutes.
5. Cook with low heat for 60 minutes.
6. Add sea salt to taste. Cook another 30 minutes. 

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