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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Pan Fried Seafood Tofu 香煎海鲜豆腐, 非油炸

This is another version of my homemade Seafood Tofu... Steamed + Pan Fried. Although most people cook seafood tofu this way, but I personally prefer the Pan Fried Crispy Tofu . For those who don't like bread crumbs, do try out this recipe.

2 Tube Egg Tofu

100g Fresh Prawn (shelled and deveined, finely chopped)
140g Fish Paste (click here for homemade fish paste recipe)

25g Peas 
25g Shredded Carrot 
(or any chopped vegetables)

Garlic Salt
White Pepper
Sesame Oil

1. Mix all the ingredients and seasoning in a bowl. Add a pinch garlic salt, white pepper and some sesame oil.

2. Transfer to a heat proof container. Level top.

3. Cover with aluminium foil. Steam for 10-15 minutes.

4. Cut tofu into squares, pan fried until golden brown.

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